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Bathroom vanities come in all different shapes, sizes, and finishes. You can choose custom, semi-custom or stock vanities.

When choosing a custom vanity, very often designers try and make the piece fit wall to wall, giving it a more built-in look. Or possibly even having a filler up against one wall and a finished side at the other end of the vanity. Either way, it gives the vanity the look of a built-in furniture piece. Going with a custom or semi-custom vanity can take longer to get but can also be made to any specifications that you could want.

The other alternative is to do a free-standing furniture piece finished on both sides. The look has been growing in popularity over the past few years for several reasons: First, it is a great look, having a free-standing furniture piece in the bathroom looks great. Secondly, free-standing pieces are easier to find ready-made. Ready-made means more readily available and you can usually find something in the size you need in stock. Lastly, many of the ready-made freestanding furniture pieces come with a top and sink included. Vanity tops can be found in different materials including natural stone, glass, poured cement, even stainless steel. There are top mount sinks, undermount sinks, troughs, top mount basins – the options are endless. Having a vanity top incorporated into the vanity saves time and money. Not having to wait for tops to be templated and then fabricated is a big time saver, getting you closer to your finished bath.

Pre-built bathroom vanities come in various sizes, colors, and styles. Single vanities typically measure either 24″, 30″ 36″ or 42″ across. Double vanities, 48″, 60″, and 72″ across. They have various types of storage to keep your supplies neatly organized.

Below is a small sampling of available pre-made vanities. If you see one you like, let us know and we will provide a price or visit our showroom to see an even more extensive selection.

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