Kitchen designers are always being asked what makes the best kitchen flooring material: is its hardwood flooring or tile? So let’s get ready to rumble as we begin the face off of the century and see who gets floored.

Kitchen Hardwood or Laminate Flooring

In this corner we have hardwood flooring, being a bit softer than tile it is easier on your back when you are standing on it for a prolonged amount of time for instance while you are cooking. There are many different species and finishes available. You can even go pre-finished where the wood planks are stained and finished at the factory or unfinished allowing you to pick a custom stain once it’s installed.  There are also some amazing laminate wood floors out there that look so real even some experts can’t tell the difference. Wood floors do need to be maintained. There is a myriad of products out that will help to both protect and shine your wood floors. Periodically wood floors do need to be refinished, which can give you an opportunity to change the finish from time to time.

Kitchen Tile Flooring

And in this corner we have tile flooring, without using any kind of radiant heat tile could be cold in the winter months. Also adding radiant heat can make it nice and cozy as well as save a few dollars on your utility bill. When it comes to tile choices the sky is the limit! You can choose from ceramic, porcelain, stone tiles and there is an unlimited amount of colors, textures and patterns available as well. One of the best qualities of tile flooring is it’s resiliency to staining. Grout being more porous than the tile it is susceptible to staining. Just like hardwood floors, there are a tremendous amount of products out that you can use to clean your tile floor. Personally, I find that the best tile grout cleaner is diluted muriatic acid. Periodically, you will need to re-grout some of those high traffic areas as well.

After a tough bout, it comes down to a decision!!!! The decision is yours, both hardwood floors and tile are great materials to use on your floor and the truth comes down to what your preference and style are. Either way, you are sure to be floored whichever way you decide to go.

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