When it comes to kitchen island ideas and design there are a few things to consider! A kitchen island can function both as a central focal point in the room and as a functional workspace.

First, give consideration to the size of the kitchen island and the isle space around it.

The distance from counter to counter on the working side of the island should be a minimum of 36 inches. This allows for a work area to be placed on the island with full depth counters opposite it.

If seating is placed around an island there should be a minimum of 42 inches open space behind it in order to back out a chair and have proper aisle space around it. There should be a minimum of 39 inches on both aisle space areas of the short side of the island for open traffic flow.

Once you have defined the available space for the kitchen island and the proper aisle space around it, you can now begin to create the shape and detail.

Pick a favorite geometric shape that you are fond of. Look around the house for a recurring theme. Curves might be in a window or a doorway surrounding the kitchen. Use this shape to create a unique overhang for seating off the back of the island. You could possibly raise it up to bar height to make it stand proud from the rest of the island. Consider using a different material on the counter of the island or a favorite color for the cabinetry in order to distinguish it as a focal point.

A well-designed island in a kitchen could become a unique gathering area for family and friends to enjoy for years to come.

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