Traditionally, drains have always gone in the center of a shower floor which made it necessary to pitch the shower pan in four different directions all leading to the center drain. Not only are most center drains inefficient but they are very limiting when it comes to design. Due to the shower floor being pitched four ways, designers have been limited to what size tile can be used in the shower. Linear drains only require the floor to be pitched in one direction which opens up the opportunity to use any size tile on the floor.  Using the same tile throughout the entire space creates a more continuous free flowing look and feel.  Imagine no break in your tile design as it continues right into the shower.

Tile size is just one of the many benefits of using a linear drain. Linear drains can replace the traditional threshold or curb allowing no physical barrier on the floor between the wet a dry areas. Not only is this a better atheistic, but now it is possible to slide a wheelchair directly into the shower making it easier access for the handicapped.  Linear drains are ADA compliant and approved.

Linear drains come in a variety of finishes, designs, and lengths. Some linear drains have a special power pack that when the water hits the drain a light goes on giving a glowing effect.

Linear drains have truly revolutionized traditional shower design creating more and more possibilities than ever before.

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