Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning, you step into the bathroom onto the tile floor and instead of being greeted by a cold tile floor, your feet are pleasantly met with a nice, warm and cozy step.  No longer do your tile floors have to be as cold as it is outside. All this is thanks to radiant heating.  Radiant heating is an extremely efficient way to heat a room. There are two types of radiant heated floors – electric or hydronic.  Electric floors tend to be a bit more expensive to run than hydronic, which is a much more efficient method of heating.

Radiant heat works by taking special tubing and covering it with concrete on top of a wood-framed floor. This special tubing is connected to the boiler or hot water heater.  In turn, hot water gets pumped through the tubing, warming the concrete and the tile on top of it.  Considering hot air rises, the room is heated from the floor up.

Radiant heat works with all types of tile  – everything from porcelain,  ceramic and real stone. The system is all controlled by a conventional thermostat that can easily be programmed to go on and off at any time.  No longer needed are the toe kick heaters or inefficient electric baseboard heaters. You can say goodbye to chapped lips caused by forced hot air as well.


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