Today the kitchen sink is more versatile than what was available in the past. While older sinks may have been six to seven inches deep, today’s sinks can be around nine to ten inches deep in order to accommodate larger pots and pans.

The added depth of today’s kitchen sinks helps contain splashing.

The shapes and sizes of sinks make a difference for both prepping and clean-up. Single bowl sinks come with many different accessories that can make preparing a meal more efficient. Cutting boards that fit on top of a sinks rim and extend halfway across the sink allow for cutting and chopping without having to use additional counter space. Clean up is a breeze because the leftover excess just gets pushed into the sink and could be removed by the use of a disposal.

Integrated, removable colanders are available for some sinks which make preparing fruits and vegetables more convenient. Use the removable cutting board to chop and clean, let what you are prepping fall into the built-in colander and you are ready to go. The colander is also useful for draining pasta.

Clean-up is made easier with the use of drain boards, wire rinsing baskets and drying racks that all have a specific fitted place on the sink.

If space allows in the kitchen, consider a double sink. Usually, the minimum size is 39 inches on up. Having 2 compartments to work with adds more space for both prep and clean up at the same time for more than one person.

When shopping for a sink consider using materials that are durable and easy to clean. Some choices you may consider are vitreous china, cast iron, and stainless steel. All three of these choices have different aesthetic values but all are extremely stain resistant. Be sure to visit our showroom to compare the different finishes and colors that are available.

The new generation of sinks are proof that even the simplest of work areas in the kitchen can be improved making the work we do in the kitchen more fun and less of a chore.


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