Creativity combined with all the bells and whistles is what you will find when you take a close look at Robern’s uplift medicine cabinet. Doing away with the traditional thinking that doors have to open side to side, Robern brings us the uplift medicine cabinet.

The uplift is designed to work with a standard 8 ft. ceiling. The cabinet itself can be recessed in a wall or surface mounted with an optional side kit. Not only is the uplift medicine cabinet different from traditional medicine cabinets in the way it opens but it comes chock full of different options. Four outlets are incorporated into the cabinet to keep them out of sight. With the touch of a button, you can turn on the heated mirror for a fog-free grooming experience. A magnifying mirror on an adjustable arm that gets tucked away out of sight until needed. Last but certainly not least is the built-in night light that glows from the bottom of the door to light your way in the dark. 

Great product and great design are what you get with the Robern uplift medicine cabinet. Come see it on display in our showroom.


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