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The Second Half of 2015 – What’s Trending?

If you were born in the late 60’s or early 70’s, you probably remember visiting your grandparents house and using a bathroom similar to the one shown here. Pink was the hot color, for everything. The sink, toilet, tub and wall tile were all pink. There was usually a contrasting shower curtain and a sink with chrome legs that were always being kicked out to the floor; thankfully the sink didn’t come crashing down.

As with clothing, cars, and pretty much everything else these days; trends and styles change rather quickly – even for bathrooms. The experts at Bath and Tile Trends not only pride themselves in their extensive knowledge of tile and plumbing fixtures, but they also make great efforts in staying not only on top of but ahead of the times. Here is what our staff see trending for the second half of 2015 in bathroom design.

  • Visual textures are huge right now- they help add dimension to any space. Many designers are currently using wall tile with raised or wavy patterns which are visually very stimulating. Light colored stone and cool tones accented by deep vivid color add contrast as well.
  • Different finishes like uncoated and unlacquered raw brass or oil rubbed bronze and gold are a big trend in both plumbing and vanity hardware.
  • Steam systems and/or digital shower systems are a great way to create a personalized hydrotherapy home spa. Don’t forget the Thermostatic Mixing Valves to keep from getting burned or freezing your bottom.
  • White is making a huge comeback. Whether it’s in the plumbing fixtures or tile, vanity or other cabinetry, the clean and pure look of white sets the tone for light accents of other mediums.
  • Digital water proof shower sound systems are only going to be growing in popularity. Throw in a water proof smart phone and you might never leave the bath.
  • Wall hung toilets are both space saving and minimalist in appearance. Given that the tank is in the wall, it makes it easier to clean in and around the toilet. The clean sleek look lends itself to that spa like zen atmosphere.
  • Beverage and coffee bars are becoming more significant out of sheer convenience. Grab your morning Joe before you have to run down to the kitchen. Combine it with caffeine infused soap and shampoo and you’ll have most of your work done before noon.
  • Mood lighting, mood lighting, mood lighting. The bathroom has always been an important room in the house; historically it was build out of necessity and function. At one point, the bathroom was a structure separate from the entire house. Imagine having to run outside in your sleepwear in the dead of winter just to use the bathroom. Talk about a rude awakening.  These days, bathrooms are about calming the nerves and even cleaning the soul not just the body. Mood lighting is not just for dining rooms and restaurants anymore. Install it in the bathroom and you’ve just taken mommy time to a whole new level.