Towel warmers are no longer just a luxury but a useful addition to any space. Many homeowners have opted to put towel warmers in many rooms in their homes, not just the bathroom. Towel warmers work in spaces such as kitchens, laundry rooms, mud rooms, basements even bedrooms as an additional heat source. They also help to reduce humidity moisture and mildew. Utilizing the old adage; form follows function, towel warmers can also be a beautiful decorative addition to any space.

There are two types of towel warmers – electric and hydronic. The electric towel warmers usually consume very little energy (about as much as a 60 watt light bulb). There are two types of elements used in electric towel warmers: one uses an element to heat mineral oil inside the unit itself and others use a dry element to heat the unit. You can choose from a plug in unit or a hardwired unit. Many of the towel warmers on the market today come with programmable timers and thermostats that not only allow you to set your desired temperature but can also go on and off with a timer in order to save energy. While there are larger electric towel warmers available that can heat an entire room, usually electric towel warmers are used in conjunction with other heat sources.

Hydronic towel warmers, while more efficient energy-wise, typically are a bit more complicated during the installation process. They work by having hot water run through the towel warmer itself which in turn heats your towel and your room. Very much like a radiator, the towel warmer gets plumbed to your hot water heater. Hydronic towel warmers can even be used as the only heat source in a room, depending on the size of the towel warmer as well as the room itself of course

So, the only question remaining is, “Why do I need a towel warmer anyway? My room is already heated.” Well, other than the advantages we discussed (helping to reduce humidity moisture and mildew, additional heating) there are several other reasons why you should have a towel warmer. Having a towel warmers helps to create a more hygienic environment by preventing a damp breeding ground for germs and mold on your towel. Having a towel warmer helps save energy / water by minimizing the need to wash and dry your towels after every use. Lastly, towel warmers are a beautiful addition to help finish off any space. And let’s face it, they’re pretty cool as well.


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