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Trending For 2015: Porcelain Woods

One trend that has been growing for the past several years is porcelain wood tile. It’s popularity only seems to be gaining speed as homeowners are opting to put it in rooms other than the kitchen and bathroom. Porcelain wood grained tile floors are suitable for any room in the home. We have been designing them into bedrooms, living rooms , and especially in basements. Thanks to modern technology, manufacturers have been able to utilize everything from digital photography to inkjet printing. All this means to us as the end users is that you CAN NOT tell the difference between the porcelain tile and the real wood. Being that the quality of the details is so life like, homeowners are using it in other areas of the home. When it comes to durability on the floor, nothing works better than porcelain. The fact that now you can have the warm feeling of the wood grain in a durable material like porcelain makes this a great option.
 There are all different sizes of planks and wood grains and colors being produced. One great advantage to doing the porcelain wood tile is the fact that you will never have to refinish it like real wood. Some other advantages are the fact that it is completely water proof and will withstand years of use in any climate. Wood grain tile is a trend that we here at Classic Kitchen & Bath Center see continuing into 2015 and beyond.