In many bathrooms space is a premium. As designers, we are always trying to come up with ways to give people more space without sacrificing any of the necessities.  One great way to save space is a wall hung toilet. Not only do wall hung toilets lend themselves to a very contemporary or even transitional design but they can save up to a full 12 inches of space above traditional floor mounted toilets.

The wall hung toilet is mounted to a carrier which sits inside a standard 4″ wall. The carrier allows the toilet to be mounted at a wide range of desired heights.  Having an open space under the toilet makes it very easy to get underneath for cleaning the floor as well as giving a more open aesthetic to the bathroom.  The tank is actually mounted on the carrier which is in the wall. Any maintenance or service issues are all accomplished by removing the actuator (flusher) panel allowing access to the tank and any other components that might need servicing.  There is no reason to have to open up the wall in order to service the toilet at any time.

Most manufacturers make a dual flush actuator which allows you to choose between a lesser flush for light waste and a stronger flush for heavier waste.  Using a dual flush can actually save a homeowner as much as 6000 gallons of water a year.   Actuators are available in a variety of finishes depending on the manufacturer.

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