As long as there have been houses there have been doors and as long as there have been doors there has been door hardware. There is hardware for pocket doors, hinged doors, French doors, tilting doors, sliding doors and stable doors. A classic style that has been given a modern twist is the barn door, and it is becoming more and more popular among today’s designers.

Top hung doors slide gently across a decorative top rail to close off a room or closet, create a separate space or open up a grander room. In the case of glass barn doors; some allow light to filter from one room to the next while maintaining privacy.



The Classic Flat Track Barn Door Hardware set evokes a feeling of elegance, style,  and warmth. This sliding hardware kit’s steel straps fasten to the face of the door, the top of the hanger wrapping gracefully over the wheel. Classic Flat Track Sliding Barn Door hangers are suitable for both modern and traditional tastes. Exposed hangers ride on a steel rail for the ultimate barn door look. Great for interior doors. Available in unfinished steel or a variety of powder-coated finishes including black and oil-rubbed bronze.

This wood barn door was installed in a beautiful home in Roslyn Long Island. The homeowner, having just remodeled the kitchen, didn’t want anything to detract from its beauty but at the same time wanted to highlight their modern laundry room. This barn door makes it easy to access the washer and dryer while maintaining the style and flow of the main living space.

Stainless Steel Swiss Rod Modern sliding barn door hardware was used for the toilet room in this Amagansett modern bathroom. Giving a modern twist on the pocket door, this barn door allows for privacy in the toilet room while providing a sleek modern style. Even a heavy glass door will glide effortlessly and silently along the rounded metal track.
Whether it’s for the shower, a bedroom, bathroom or laundry room, modern or traditional – barn door hardware lends itself to many tastes and styles as well as many different practical applications.


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